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Digitalisation in parking and the transition of our cities to smart city

The accelerated development from the urban environment, the population increase and the number of personal vehicles generate major traffic issues, environment pollution, stress.

Based on the evolution of technologies and the digitalisation of many activities and processes, there is an increased pressure for citizens to solve the issue of vehicle traffic, the issue of parking - one of the main causes of urban traffic in central areas and areas of public interest.

Citizens want to drive to their destination through areas with reduced traffic, to easily locate an available parking spot, then to park and to go and carry out the activity for which they travelled in that interest area, without other constraints. Nobody wishes to lose precious time in traffic, looking for a random parking spot or, under time pressure, to park in areas where parking is prohibited.

The implementation of the smart parking principles – a mandatory condition for the evolution of our cities to a smart city, represents the solution for solving the issue of parking and vehicle traffic. Smart Parking means the fast guidance of vehicle drivers to available parking spots by providing them real time data from the street, from various sources, sensors, the monitoring of parking systems installed in multistage parking or parking lots, regardless if they belong to the municipality, institutions, companies or owners and private parking operators.

Now, with a simple mobile app, vehicle drivers can quickly find a parking spot, either on the street, or in fitted parking lots, and can easily and safely pay the parking fee. Thus, citizens get to have a new experience related to the city traffic, a positive one, which makes them forget about nightmare traffic at rush hours.

Mobile app for the identification of vacant parking spots and paying the parking fee

UPPARK Parking App  is the mobile app for the identification of vacant parking spots from street multistage parking, or parking lots - either municipal or private, and which allows the payment of the parking fee by bank card or, where applicable, by SMS.

Part of the ecosystem for parking management on- and off-street developed by fastPark, the UPPARK mobile app benefits from the collection of real time data by interfacing with various systems, apps and sensors.

The app was created by researching various technologies, their applicability on the Romanian market, the continuous development of integrations with various systems and apps. Includes the newest technologies in the IT&C field, uses real time data collected from primary private parking owners, follows the latest trends for parking and vehicle traffic at global level, as well as the dynamic of the behaviour of its users. The development team has focused constantly on the good experience of the user driver, the help provided to municipalities in order to operate with lower costs, and eliminating traffic from crowded areas, reducing pollution.

UPPARK Parking App  can be downloaded from Google Play (for phone users with Android operating systems) or from App Store (for iPhone).

Introducing the mobile app for the identification of available parking spots and the payment of the parking fee represents a mandatory stage in the transition towards smart city

The exponential development of mobile technology continues to have influence over the environment where we are carrying out our activity, because this represents a multifunctional tool by means of which we can efficiently and simply take numerous actions.

This technological progress has also impacted the urban mobility area by the launching of new software apps such as those for taxi, ticketing, monitoring and schedule for public means of transport.

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Numerous users, natural persons or companies , chose to use UPPARK – the parking mobile app In various localities in the country, municipality or private parking owners implement UPPARK as a solution for managing parking, collecting fees and parking subscriptions, among which are: Bucharest, Buzău, Campina, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Gheorgheni, Iași, Mangalia... and coming soon to your city.

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UPPARK     Mobile software application for finding parking spaces and paying the parking fee

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