On-street Parking

On-street Parking

The complete array of equipment and services for organising and fitting on-street parking

The important component of an efficient parking management - Integrated on-street parking systems have an important role among the solutions provided by fastPark to its partners. Our company offers the entire array of equipment and services for organising and fitting on-street parking, intended for small areas, as well as for large spaces.

Importanta acestora se reflecta atat pe plan financiar prin generarea de venit suplimentar si stimularea dezvoltarii economice a zonelor comerciale, cat si in calitatea vietii si experienta conducatorului auto datorita reducerii timpului de cautare a unui loc de parcare, reducerea emisiilor de carbon, cresterea confortului.

Din punct de vedere al domeniilor de activitate fast🅿️ark ofera solutii pentru administrarea si dotarea parcarilor on-street pentru muncipalitati, campusuri universitare, spitale, centre culturale, arene sportive, ansambluri rezidentiale, centre comerciale.

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Top of the line equipment and technology

Our solutions for the fitting of on-street parking are based on systems and equipment from globally renowned manufacturers such as: Flowbird, Automatic Systems, Nedap,

Parking meters Flowbird

  • Recyclable and eco-friendly, powered by solar energy;
  • Used to sell tickets for various attractions or services, on-street and off-street parking, P&D and ANPR systems, but also for information;
  • Compatible with all payment methods (coins, banknotes, bank card, prepaid card);
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly, powered by solar energy;
  • Economically efficient and compact.

Sensors Nedap

  • Gather real time information about vacant and occupied parking spots;
  • Plug and play type, they can be assembled on lighting poles or on building facades;
  • Mobile and can be easily relocated;
  • Observe confidentiality rights;
  • Operate in any weather conditions;
  • One sensor can cover 300 parking spots.

Bolards Automatic Systems

  • High resistance to impact;
  • Various heights (maximum 1200 mm);
  • Various configurations and pleasant design;
  • Fixed, removable or retractable;
  • Anti-vandalism protection;

Payment methods (parking and fines)

Parking management

  • Displaying the activity of persons authorised to give fines;
  • Displaying verified licence plates;
  • Listing transactions for a certain period;
  • Displaying a map with verified vehicles.

Benefits of on-street parking:

  • Generating additional income;
  • Stimulating the economic development of commercial areas;
  • Reducing the time spent searching for a parking spot;
  • Reducing carbon emissions;
  • Traffic fluidisation;
  • Increasing the degree of comfort for vehicle drivers.
Complete services, Turnkey projects

Our team provides advisory, feasibility studies, traffic studies and support in establishing adequate parking solutions in order to address the mobility needs specific to each institution or company. At the same time, it ensures the design, installation and maintenance of on-street parking.

Reference works

Throughout time, our company has implemented numerous projects for the fitting of on-street parking, among which we can mention: Municipalities – Cluj-Napoca , CampinaCraiovaBuzau, GheorgheniMangalia and Iasi

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