Off-Street Parking

Off-Street Parking

The complete array of equipment and services for organising and fitting off-street parking

Integrated off-street parking systems have an important role among the solutions provided by fastPark to its partners. Our company provides the full array of equipment and solutions for organising and fitting off-street parking, which improve the level of safety and comfort for vehicle drivers.


The vast array of equipment provided by fastPark allows the ideal control of income and optimal management of parking by latest generation software, transparency and modern design. The systems are modular and scalable, in order to be configurable according to the scale of the project.

The company's portfolio is characterised by the quality of the equipment used, their reliability in unfavourable environmental conditions, and adaptability to customers' requirements according to the assigned budget and promoted mobility policy.

From the standpoint of activity areas, fastPark provides solutions for the management and fitting of off-street parking for municipalities, university campuses, hospitals, cultural centres, sports arenas, residential complexes, commercial centres, office buildings.

Top of the line equipment and technology

For the provision of off-street parking solutions, AVITECH collaborates with top providers in the field: HUB Parking Technology, Magnetic AutoControl Access , Indect , Quercus Technologies , Automatic Systems , UPPARK .

Cameras with ANPR Quercus Technologies

  • Real-time identification of the licence plate (compares it or adds it to a predefined list, then opens a gate, adds a cost or generates an alarm)
  • Allows or blocks access in and out of the parking;
  • Depending on light conditions, the cameras can have integrated IR lights for an optimal performance

Entry/Exit terminals HUB Parking Technology

  • Various access methods: RFID readers, Long range readers, barcode readers;
  • VoIP Interphony;
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosive enclosures, with IP54 protection degree;
  • Automatic collection of parking fee for subscribers, based on licence plate recognition.

Automatic barriers Magnetic AutoControl Access

  • Aluminium arm with a length of up to 3.5 m;
  • Quick opening/closing (1.3 seconds for the length of the 3.5 m arm);
  • Blocking mechanism in case of power supply interruption;
  • Mechanical endurance of over 10,000,000 cycles;
  • IP54 protection degree.

Guiding systems Indect 

  • Ultrasound reflexion;
  • Luminosity control and various colours;
  • RGB LED with bi-directional focus for two-lane traffic;
  • Easy installation.

Payment machines HUB Parking Technology

  • Printing of exit ticket, fiscal receipt, and has a reporting function in case of collection errors;
  • Touchscreen between 14" and 16";
  • Banknote validation in 4 directions.
Complete services, Turnkey projects

Our team provides advisory, feasibility studies, traffic studies and support in establishing adequate parking solutions in order to address the mobility needs specific to each institution or company. At the same time, it ensures the design, installation and maintenance parcarilor off-street.

Reference works

Throughout time, our company has implemented numerous projects for the fitting of off-street parking, in various activity fields, among which we can mention: [Municipalities] Bulevardul Decebal Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca Parking Mogosoaia 9, Primaverii 8, Primaverii 20, Focsani, [Hotels] Hotel Continental Arad, [Office buildings] Expo Business Park Bucharest, Floreasca Park Bucharest, Grand Offices Floreasca Bucharest, Multigalaxy I Bucharest, [Medical laboratory] Synevo, [Industry] Grupo Antolin Sibiu.

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