Street parking meters for on-street parking

Street parking meters developed by Flowbird - multifunctional terminals, compatible with all payment methods and can be powered by solar energy

Flowbird  is a worldwide leader in the industry of on-street parking payment systems, coming fromthe association of companies Parkeon (France) and Cale (Sweden). At the same time, the company has an important role in the urban mobility area, through innovative solutions provided in parking management, ticketing for public transport. Flowbird has installed over 200,000 parking meters in 4,000 cities in the world.

80% of European capitals have chosen to instal the parking meters of the company. fastParkis Flowbird's partner in Romania.

High quality equipment, reliable and durable

Flowbird Strada Pal 

  • Multifunctional terminal powered by solar energy;
  • It can be used to sell tickets for various attractions or services, on-street and off-street parking, P&D and ANPR systems;
  • 7" colour screen;
  • Compatible with all payment methods (coins, banknotes, bank card, phone, NFC)

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Flowbird Strada Evolution

  • Parking meter with capacitive keyboard, which can be used for Pay by Display, Pay by Plate solutions;
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly terminal, powered by solar energy;
  • Economically efficient and compact
  • Compatible with all payment methods (coins, banknotes, bank card, prepaid card, contactless by phone, NFC)

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Flowbird Street Smart

  • Ideal parking meter for touristic areas, because it has information features besides parking functionalities;
  • Touchscreen with available SDK;
  • It's a recyclable and eco-friendly terminal, powered by solar energy, energy efficient;
  • Accepts all payment methods.

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Complete services, Turnkey projects

Our team provides advisoryfeasibility studies, traffic studies and support in establishing adequate parking solutions in order to address the mobility needs specific to each institution or company. At the same time, it ensures the designinstallation and maintenance of on-street parking.

Reference works

Throughout time, Flowbird has implemented numerous projects for the fitting of on-street parking, among which we can mention New York(14,467 equipment), Paris (7,830), Chicago (4,478), Rome (2,485), Amsterdam, Madrid, Warsaw (1,690), Milan, Brussels, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Prague (803), Moscow, Melbourne, Kraków (471), Dublin, Oslo, Budapest (207). In Romania, they have chosen to install Flowbird parking meters in important cities, such as:  Cluj-Napoca , CampinaCraiovaBuzau, GheorgheniMangalia, Alexandria, Alba-Iulia, Zalau si Brasov.

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