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Management of parking spots, together with monitoring and access control for customers have an important role for hypermarkets, malls or commercial centres.

We all know that the first impression matters, this is why from the entrance, the customer's contact with the parking systems provided by installing a smart paking, increases his satisfaction degree and convinces him to return.

Moreover, the implementation of our smart parking parking solution in your infrastructure transforms the parking of your car into an even more pleasant activity. Intuitive and efficient solutions, reliability and ease of use represent an essential part of our activity. Simplicity is our mission, by offering all payment methods, such as coins and banknotes, bank card and the mobile app UPPARK Parking App

The use of the latest technologies, systems and software apps for parking allows the adjustment of local policies on parking, due to the flexibility of the solutions (special fees or subscriptions for commercial centres employees, quick change of price policy and regulation, etc.).

Part of AVITECH Group , with an experience of over 20 years, fastPark has the necessary experience for the design and execution of installations specific to commercial centres with the following parking systems:

The implementation and use of the fastPark smart parking of smart parking, brings the following benefits to the commercial centre:

  • maximising investments in equipment and systems, for a given budget (smart investments);
  • integrating existing equipment and systems, even if they are manufactured with older technologies, in order to fully exploit them, until their replacement;
  • easy management of all operations;
  • monitoring of equipment operation, of their maintenance, of issues occurred during use. Decreased operation costs compared to classical, non-integrated systems;
  • reduced expenses with systems management and maintenance;
  • much more reduced expenses with the collection of the equivalent value of subscriptions, parking fees and fines;
  • net superior collections;
  • opportunity to present a flexible parking/mobility policy, according to the newest urban trends;
  • reducing pollution inside the medical unit and surrounding areas.

The implementation and use of the fastPark smart parking ecosystem brings customers a series of important benefits for quality of life in a modern city:

  • Finding a convenient parking spot, at the parking entrance;
  • Navigation and guidance to the chosen parking spot;
  • Payment through convenient payment methods;
  • The streamlining of the parking payment process or of other services provided by parking operators;
  • Precise control of daily costs and expenses;
  • Reducing pollution due to intense traffic;
  • Reducing energy consumption;
  • Eliminating daily stress due to traffic congestions and lack of parking spots.

Parcarea din incinta centrelor comerciale poate fi o sursa de venit suplimentar. Indiferent de dimensiunea unitatatii, va putem ajuta sa va asigurati ca parcarea contribuie in mod util la bugetele dumneavoastra si la imbunatatirea experientei clientului.

Aflati cum va puteti transforma parcarea centrului comercial administrat intr-un sistem profitabil si eficient consultand our guide.

Complete services, Turnkey projects

For commercial centres, fastPark offers a complete array of services: Advisory, Installation Design, Equipment Procurement, Works Execution, Maintenance and Technical Support.

Reference works

Throughout the years, our company has provided and commissioned various projects that integrate the fastPark ecosystem in various activity fields, among which we can mention: [Municipalities] Bucuresti (Parking Decebal), Buzau, Campina, Cluj Napoca (Piata Mihai Viteazul, Piata Unirii, Primaverii 8, Primaverii 20, Mogosoaia ), Craiova, Gheorgheni,Mangalia, Focsani, Iasi [Hotels] Hotel Continental Arad, [Office buildings] Expo Business Park Bucharest, Floreasca Park Bucharest, Grand Offices Floreasca Bucharest, Multigalaxy I Bucharest, [Medical laboratory] Synevo, [Industry] Grupo Antolin Sibiu, FM Logistic.

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